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V1 Precision Stamping Turnkey Solution

  •  Over 15 years craftsmanship focus on precision stamping
  • 22 tool processing equipment, 30 presses support the customers’ metal stamping parts requirements. Over 20000+ sets of mold processing and production experience, stamping accuracy up to ± 0.01mm.
  • Meanwhile, we have acquired of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 certifications to achieve international high-quality level.
  • The offices in European and US countries and have overseas team to provide our powerful local support including technical support and after-sales service for our worldwide customers.
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Precision Stamping Products Show

What We Do

Focus on precision stamping in 15 years, applied in a wide industries, such as automotive, electronic, medical products, etc. 

Services We Provided

One-stop solution of precision stamping parts, from mould design production, and precision metal stamping part production, prototype, etc. All quantities of parts meet all customer budgets and expectations.

Why Choose Us

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of precision stamping products, we are engaged in offering a complete turn-key solution for all our customers’ needs. We offer tool design and production, stamping parts production, small quantities prototyping, secondary operation, etc. Complete services for all types of precision stamping parts.

Quality Assurance

We always stand from the customers' perspective, developing and producing high-quality stamping products with excellent performance and long life warrant. Provide our customers with the best precision stamping parts.

Advanced Equipemnt

With an annual capability of 30000+ pieces, we have many advanced sets of stamping production equipment, tooling processing equipment, testing equipment, and precision to produce high-quality, dedicated for all kinds of demanding applications.

International Vision

Well-known worldwide strategic consultants gave V1 brand strategic guidance, our customers are worldwide, and the company’s core team has a global vision. We understand your needs better and can help you achieve your goals faster.

V1 Stamping Manufacturer Capability

V1 Stamping to ensure that our customers receive the best precision stamping products, we have sets of progressive stamping machines, CNC Machines, CMM testing machines, etc. Full manufacturer capability makes you successful.

Client Testimonials
“The metal stamping parts you get for the quality is amazing! They was support the design to produce, send me the smples to make sure what I want the product quality and shape, the whole services that help me at ease. Good value for the money!”
“ I just started my own business, according my needs to make the metal stamping parts, and this is perfect for the automotive metal parts I am making, would strongly recommend to everyone. They are exactly done the right size I was looking for. ”
An General Manager from Italy
“ I received my metal stamping products promptly and well packaged as always with V1 Stamping. The professional engineer Making our product projects successful.”
An Engieer From Mexico

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