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Aluminum Stamping

  • Aluminum and its alloys are often used in manufacturing projects in a different industries. Aluminum is electrically conductive, lightweight and glossy in appearance, and is often alloyed with other metals to improve strength and adaptability, so that make it is a ideal choose using materials for a veriety manufactured parts and products. 
  • V1 company has over 15 years experience, providing precision metal stamping service for aluminum stamping parts. We have the professional experts team, help our customers solute thire problems and produce high quality parts, from aircraft frame components to small, complex electronic parts, we colud do it prefect to our customers.

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The Applications of Aluminum Components

Aluminum is a ideal metal stamping materials, its strength and flexibility is more lower than other metals. So it can use for most applictaions products parts.

Other applications didn’t show in here, you can contact us, and we would accroding to your requirements to give you a profession project suggestions.

Aluminum alloy stamping parts for electrical appliances

The Industries of Stamped Aluminum Components

The features of aluminum strength and machinability, stamped aluminum parts are used in so many industries, including:

The Features of Aluminum Components

  • Ductility: flexible, easy easily reduced to very thin sheets or drawn into very fine wires.
  • Corrosion resistance: a natural oxide coating, resistant to moisture and most chemicals.
  •  Light weight and great strength: Aluminum has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, particularly strong combined with other materials. Less weight, cost save.
  • Non-toxic: safe for use with consumer products such as food and pharmaceuticals.
stamped aluminum metal

Common Used Aluminum Alloys in Metal Stamping

Aluminum Alloy Material TypesFeaturesApplications
Stamped Aluminum 1100One of the softest aluminum alloys, high ductility and material flexibility.Spun parts, chemical equipment and anodized parts, tableware or decorative parts.
Stamped Aluminum 2024Heat treatable aluminum alloy with copper as the main alloy element, high strength and fatigue resistance.Aircraft structures parts, rivets, components, truck wheels, propeller elements and other various structural parts.
Stamped Aluminum 3003Good corrosion resistance and medium strength, machinability.Cooking instruments, kitchen equipment and chemical processing products.
Stamped Aluminum 5052Weldability and corrosion resistance, easy to bend and shape without cracking, good machinability and finishing characteristics.Aircraft parts, household appliances and heavy cooking appliances, transportation vehicles, sheet metal parts of ships.
Stamped Aluminum 6061Corrosion resistance, formability and weldability, high versatility.Manufacture of automotive bodies, frames, marine hardware, architectural structures and aerospace components.

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Stamped Aluminum Solutions

V1 company with ertificated ISO9001, guarantees the products quality and provides the best metal stamping service for our customers, can satisfies each customer requirements. Except Aliminum material, and other materials, such as cooper, brass, steel, etc. We could according your applications or industries needs to customize your own project for you.

 If you want to know our metal stamping capability more specific, please contact us, we will give you the best solution project.

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