Hardware Stamping Production Process

There are many processing procedures in the metal stamping parts processing workshop, mainly the production of stamping blanks and stamping parts, and other auxiliary work such as mold trial, mold maintenance, stamping parts repair, waste transportation, etc.;

There are many processing procedures in the metal stamping parts processing workshop, mainly the production of stamping blanks and stamping parts, and other auxiliary work such as mold trial, mold maintenance, stamping parts repair, waste transportation, etc.;

Hardware stamping parts blank production process: coil feeding, unwinding, cutting head, cleaning, levelling, feeding, shearing, etc., blanking is to process the coil into stamping parts required material sheet,

Then is the production process of stamping parts, mainly stretching, cutting, flanging, forming, punching, shaping and other processes, according to the shape of metal stamping parts, different structures to adjust, processing,

In addition, it is the maintenance of the stamping mold. The stamping workshop generally needs to set up simple machine repair equipment for the daily maintenance of the stamping mold. If the load rate of the press production line is relatively high, it is also necessary to set up the test press in the mold maintenance area. For the stamping process in the punching down the waste, to set up a collection of waste areas concentrated discharge, for the stamping parts repair, we also want to set up a special repair area for the metal stamping parts burr and other surface defects repair.

The hardware stamping parts processing process includes detailed processing technology

Stamping process

Blanking – A blanking die is used to cut along a closed profile curve. The lower part of the blanking is a stamping piece used to make flat parts of various shapes

Punching – PUNCHING DIE according TO THE closed contour curve PUNCHING JADE cut – with scissors or die along the non-closed curve punching, mostly used for processing the shape of simple hardware

Trim the edge of the forming part or cut it into a certain shape

Cutting tongue will be the material along the open contour of local two is not a completely separated stamping process. The local separation of the material, with the required position, is not in the bathroom before the separation of the plane.

Cutting – THE STAMPING parts are processed into semi-FINISHED products cut into two or more parts, used for symmetrical parts in pairs or components after stamping moulding.

Bending process

Bending bar, sheet metal, pipe, and profile bending into a certain Angle and shape of the stamping forming process

Roll around the board department of operation rolled into close to the closed round head, used to process similar dumplings between chains

Twist – To twist a cut semi-finished product into a fixed Angle

Drawing process

deep drawing – using the deep drawing die to pre-cut or blank into a certain shape of flat hair is also pulled under the action of the press to make open hollow parts or will have been made

The hollow parts are processed into hollow parts of other shapes.

Thinning and DEEP DRAWING – THE hollow semi-finished product, after deep processing, is processed into a piece whose bottom thickness is greater than the side wall thickness


Forming process

Hole turning – To flush a pre-punched semi-finished or unpunched material into an upright edge

Flanging – Turn the edge of the sheet material semi-finished product into a vertical edge by taking a circular arc of the curve

The expansion type can realize deformation under the action of bidirectional tensile stress, forming various space-curved surface shape stamping parts

Constriction – To reduce the radial dimension of a hollow or tubular hair at some point

 The flaring is on a certain part of the control heart hair bad or tubular hair, so that its radial size is expanded

Undulation – A protrusion or depression of various shapes MADE by local forming on the surface of a sheet or stamped PART

Shape correction – To correct the shape of a piece to improve the dimensional accuracy of a formed piece or to obtain a small rounded radius

Hardware stamping parts processing matters need attention.

Metal stamping parts should be strictly checked before installation and use, and dirt should be removed. The drawing stamping parts and the guide sleeve of the die should be carefully checked for good lubrication. Regularly check the die mounting base and stamping parts of the punch turntable to ensure the accuracy of the upper and lower turntables is coaxial.

In processing hardware stamping parts, if the mold needs to be adjusted and installed, the power must be turned off first. Although it can be done without a power supply, the risk index will greatly increase. Therefore, the operation must be performed for safety reasons after the power is completely turned off and the machine is completely stopped.

In metal stamping parts processing, fastening screws can ensure the safety of metal stamping parts processing to a certain extent. To prevent this guarantee from becoming a hidden danger, the fastening screw must be tightened frequently to ensure that the fastening screw can play the role of safety guarantee.

Install protection devices. Due to the small production batch, safety protection devices must be installed in the stamping operations where neither automation nor safety stamping tools can be used to prevent injury accidents caused by misoperation. All kinds of protective devices have different characteristics and application scopes; improper use will still cause injury accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the functions of various hardware and stamping parts processing protection devices to use them correctly and ensure safe operation.

When the punch and the cutting edge of the punching die wear, it should be stopped and sharpened in time. Otherwise, the wear degree of the cutting edge of the die will expand rapidly, the wear of the die will be accelerated, and the quality of the stamping parts and the life of the die will be reduced.

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