Medical Stamping

  • As these areas of medical technology grow and evolve at a rapid pace, precision is important throughout the medical industry in applications ranging from prescription drug delivery to surgery. The manufacturers must balance quality with efficiency, speed and precision.
  • V1 company provides the precision medical stamping parts for healthcare industry and its supply chain partners. Take your medical part or assembly from design to finished product with the help of V1 company. 

Customized Medical Metal Stamping Right Now

The Applications of Medical Stamping Parts

The medical industry may require some of the most stringent designs and certifications, depending on their use, today’s technology allows for effective stamping and micro-stamping of some of the smallest and most complex parts in the medical field.

Typical medical stamping part we prodcued include, but are not limited to:

medical stamping

The Materials of Medical Stamping Parts Using

Proper material selection is critical to ensure the safety and proper function of medical devices. Our experienced team is expert in medical stamping and in producing mission-critical components using a variety of materials and specialty alloys, including:

Why Choose Us

  • Cost Effectiveness: saving you money by providing innovative and advance technologies, dies can be reused in each process, making these larger production runs desirable to reduce costs.
  • Accuracy: In metal stamping and forming services, the dies and tools used provide precise shapes and cuts. We have excellent teams and customize soultion, this helps to avoid warpage and greatly improves the accuracy of the final part.
  • Top Quality Stamping Components: Quality control and quality improvement is our company key point. We are an ISO 9001 certified , and ISO 14001 certified metal manufacturer, we promise each components are with high quality.  
  • Advance Technology: advanced technology to streamline metal stamping processes and achieve our goal of zero defects, using high-speed precision presses, In-die protection systems.
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