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Assembly & Packaging

  • We provide the assembly and packaging service for our customer, in order to make sure you could ready to shipment and production when you receviced the products, save time and qulicky promote to the traget market.

The Service of Assembly & Packaging

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Precession of Assembly & Packaging

We have a skilled team members, anything you needs, including design, stamp or assemble your finished product needs. We will meet your application needs and maintain the critical dimensions specified. Our team can take a rough sketch or scale drawing and turn it into a design, design and produce tools for production, design a custom production process and select the right technology for your process to produce high quality finished stamped assemblies in high volume.

The Advantages of V1 Assembly & Packaging Service

  • Save Cost: Saving the labor costs to assembly, and the cost of storage place put on the products.
  • Save Time and More effiency: Impoving the produce effiency and production.
  • High Quality: One line produce, enhancing the products quality.

Related Service

We Offer

  • Quickly respons time within 24 hours get the quotation
  • Competitive pricing and short delivery times
  • Guarantee quality with our ISO 9001:2015 standards certification

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