Materials Applications of Metal Stamping Parts

metal stamping parts

Kinds of Metal Stampings Materials

  • Precision metal stamping is a metalworking process, using to form a variety of parts and products, suitable for kinds of materials, and applied to a wide range of industries. V1 company uses various of metals and alloys to produce high quality product parts, to achieve their application specific benefits.  We offer a wide range of materials from aluminum to steel. Our certifications ISO9001, ISO14001 give us customers peace of mind because they are getting the best materials for their projects.
  • Also, we could provide the profession metal stamping industries information to help our customers to determine the best material for your applictaion and industries.
According to Aluminum the strength and capabilities, aluminum stamping products is used well wide in each industries.
Copper and copper alloys materials are suitable for metal stamping applications, its features make it use in a range of industries.
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel is more durable than most sheet metal and requires little maintenance over its lifetime. Great choice for different industries.
Combined with zinc and copper, brass is an attractive and bright apperance, commonly chosen for many applications.

V1: Customization Industrial Metal Stampings Solutions

We manufacture, each of which has been verified by production inspection procedures higher than the industry standard, in order to provide the most stable and efficient stamping products.

As one of the metal stampings manufacturers, V1 will give you the best stamping application solution based on your business with our professional R&D team, which is composed of technicians from all over the world who have been engaged in the laser industry for 15 years.

We have a professional after-sales service team, which can truly make you worry-free after-sales.

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During our metal stamping operations, we can hold tolerances close to 0.005″. It depends on the metal parts, design, material and other factors. The specific parts tolerance ranges, you could contact our engineers.

According to the customers’ requirements, most customers are stamping metals and alloys stamping products. We often process steel products, stamp aluminum, plus brass and copper, etc.

Of course. The craft is nesting, we would base on the customers’ needs, effectively to use it, lowering customers’ material costs and keep competitions on the market.

V1 produces the metal stamping parts was sold to 45 countries. 70% repurchase rate of existing customers.

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