Short Run Stamping & Prototyping

  • Economical options for manufactured parts in small quantities to evaluate a design or products, so the short-run stamping services are a good choice when you need low volumes and quick turnaround.
  • The short-run stamping or prototyping service is the construction of physical objects manufactured using the solid free form. This technique first allows us to produce prototype sheet metal models and parts in prototype and short service. Then we can apply it more extensively to manufacture production quality parts in smaller quantities.
  • V1 company makes your tooling in-house using the most cost-effective materials while still ensuring that the tooling will be able to produce the number of parts you require. 

Short Run Stamping & Prototyping Parts Manufacturing Cases

stainless prototype stamping part

Stainless Prototype Stamping Part

Sheet metal processing parts for electrolytic plates

Sheet Metal Processing Parts For Electrolytic Plates

Precision sheet metal processing parts

Precision Sheet Metal Processing Part

precision sheet metal processing part

Precision Sheet Metal Processing Part

Financial Equipment Precision sheet metal processing parts

Financial Equipment Precision Sheet Metal Processing Parts

Financial Equipment Precision prototype metal processing parts

Precision Prototype Stamping Part

The Service of Short Run & Prototyping Design

As a full-service metal stamping company, we provide one-stop services to help our customers build the successful products design.

prototype mold design

Capabilities of Short Run Stamping & Prototyping

Assistance to Kinds of Industries:

We have over 15 years expriences of metal stamping productions,  trust us we will help you to creat a prototype as a basic on promote your products. Our engineers have powerful knowledge and indsutral intution necessary for developing successful short run stamping products for you.

The Advantages of Short Run & Prototyping

  • Seep up: fast than your competitors, get your products to the maket.
  • Cost Effiencicy: verify the target market respons, help you to reduce the cost error.
  • Easy to creat: help you to creat the customized stamping parts with complex geometries.
  • Products using life: eliminate unnecessary features early in the process, extending the life of the final product.h

We Offer

  • Quickly respons time within 24 hours get the quotation
  • Competitive pricing and short delivery times, win the race to the marketplace.
  • Guarantee quality with our ISO 9001:2015 standards certification, check dimensions down to five decimal places.
  • Equipment promise, CNC techonlogy, presses, mills, laser cutting machines, welders and other machinery to precisely replicate our customers’ needs.

If you have any questions about prototyping, please do not hestiate contact with us.

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