Precision Metal Stamping Services

  • V1 Stamping Company has great experienced staffs including slaes teams, R&D teams, and operation teams, etc. We understand the characteristics of each type of material used for metal stamped parts, allowing us to assist customers in finding the most economical material for their metal stamping projects.
  • We also provide the whole service, including precision metal stamping, punching, forming and deburring operations we also will provide secondary certified processes.
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Precision Metal Stamping

V1 company has advanced technologies and experience working with diverse materials allows us to produce the custom precision metal stampings in different kinds of material and suitable for industries.

Tool Design assistance

Our R&D team of tool designers and tool, die makers use the latest technology to design, build and maintain tools professional.


Prototyping service is suitable for the fast and small quantities production. Our company have great experience to produce the high quality, efficiency prototypes. Manufacturing resoures allow us to produce anything from small brackets to complete bodies-in-white. Including manufacturing tools, prototype stampings, decorative molds, special items and subassemblies with complex connections.


We can provide the assembly and packaging service according to your requirements, you can find our manufacture whom can help you with a streamline stamped metal stamping assembly, ensure finished parts are ready for production and shipping when you receive, more effiencicy and save cost.

Secondary Operations

V1 stamping company offers a full range of industrial coating secondary services to protect metals and extend metal stamping parts working life. We have the profession operation teams to assure the highest-quality stamped parts, and most experienced engineers to exceed even the strictest quality standards.

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Metal stamping is a production process that uses the force of stamping machinery and utilizes a die as a sheet metal forming tool to produce a stamping separation or plastic deformation effect to achieve the requirements of the part in terms of size, shape, and performance. There can be one or more parts made by metal stamping. It is used not only for these items, but also for the production of large mechanical parts. Metal stamping is required for parts in various industries, such as automotive, electronics, military, etc.

These advantages are high-speed, minimal scrap material, faster setup and more geometries available with a single process. And high repeatability, longer runs and lower costs per part.

The press and the die fixed to it are connected directly or interactively to the press slide by means of a die shank. The zeroes fixed to the die constitute the die and the platen is fixed to the table of the press. The upper and lower dies are guided and directed. During operation, the strip is fed to a position corresponding to said fixed material. When the upper die is lowered together with the ram, the unloaded material is first pressed down and then the material is bulged and recessed to obtain the stamped part.

The delivery time depends on the metal stamping porducts quantity, size and complexity of the parts. The precision lead time you could contact with our sale mananger and also you can check on our order management system.

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