precision metal stamping

Precision Metal Stamping

    • Precision metal stamping is a manufacturing technique where flat metal blanks, or metal rolls, can be transformed into different custom shapes. Used for metal stamping parts in industries such as automotive, electronics, tools, and medical devices. These metal presses can also punch, bend, groove, emboss, flange, and customize tools. Capable of producing a wide range of stamped metal parts quickly and accurately. It can also set up multi-stage production lines to complete various processes in a single run.
    • V1 Stamping has over 15 years of experience in advanced technologies, providing services from worldwide and global industries, including automotivemedical devices, and electronics. According to your needs, we offer an innovative and one-stop solution to help you.

1000+ Precision Stamping Manufacturing Projects Experience From Global Customers

Recently V1 precision stamping project Parts

New energy battery nickel sheet

New energy battery nickel sheet

Automotive terminals, precision wire speed terminals

Automotive Precision Terminal Part

Precision small hole speaker mesh

Precision Small Hole Speaker Mesh

Medical Tweezers

Medical Tweezers

Communication electronic stamping parts-covering parts Baiyang copper

Electronic Stamping Overing Parts

Cell phone charging cable USB connector

Cell Phone Charging Cable USB Connector

The Service of Precision Metal Stamping

Progressive stamping workshop

Precision Metal Stamping Using Materials

Common Prodcuts Metal Stamping for Production

The Advantages of Precision Metal Stamping

  • Cost-effectiveness: High technology as production levels increase, labor costs decrease, it’s a good choice for making precision metal stamping with high-volume production of complex parts.
  • Consistent quality and precision: precision metal stamping can produce very precise parts with the high accuracy, ensure a varieties of industries high precison parts they needs.
  • High Production Speed: Precision metal stamping allows operations to significantly cut down production time, more quckily to produce a large amount of production, automation saves labor costs.
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