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Tool Design and Production

  • The key to producing amazing metal stamping parts is the right precision toolings. We make reliable tooling for efficient metal stamping production. First, we start with the right design. Second, we build tools with tight tolerances, proper clearances, adjustable shapes (according to your needs), heat-treated alloys, etc. 
  • V1 stamping metal stamping dies to use innovative and cost-effective solutions for any die system. Our solutions range from basic sheet metal stamping to highly complex tooling, depending on the scope and application requirements. Including varieties of industries and different stamped parts, we cooperate with your needs, offering an innovative and one-stop solution to help you.

Precision Stamping Manufacturing Experience From Global Customers

automotive stamping mold

Automotive Stamping Mold

Precision Hardware Stamping Die Mold

Precision metal stamping continuous die

Precision Metal Stamping Continuous Die Mold

Hardware stamping compound die

Hardware Stamping Compound Die Mold

Hardware stamping single process die

Hardware Stamping Single Process Die Mold

Hardware stamping continuous die

Hardware Stamping Continuous Die Mold

The Stamping Project Pre-Analysis

We will operate with you to have a perform a preliminary formability study to determine the best machining plan. This upfront analysis is combined with our R&D team together to produce timely, thorough, concise and accurate quotes. To ensure the details with your team, including product design formability observations and countermeasures, tool size and weight, component types and styles, process plans and workstation operations, inventory control, sensors, estimated lead times, and tonnage requirements.

stamping mold design

Tool Desgin Creat 3D and Part Simulation

Our R&D department will communicate with customers, and according to customer’s requirements design detailed components and product geometry to commit the program process. To slove the problems when customers will meet to. Our quality engineers also work with us, to enusre the parts quality and improve their design, tooling and fabrication.

Develop Tool Design

When the product desgin done, our also provide using tools and mold desgin to creat it. It’s very improtant of the design accuracy, punch and die need to maintain suitable clearance to produce a quality parts.

tool design assistant
precision molds

Tool Production

Over 15 yeras experience, our experts will according to your engineering team requirements provide optimization, and offer higher quality tooling, faster lead times and less maintenance or cost. We offers the assembly services and produce the tools you needs.

We Offer the Advantages of Mold Tool Design

  • Cost-effectiveness: Using our company special tool and die systems, save the 70% cost of traditional manufacturing tooling.
  • Keep maintenance: The mold tool produced by us, we will have regular preventive maintenance your molds, and ready to go into production quickly.
  • Advance Technology: 3D tool design and simulation software, make sure the design perfect. Provide one-stop services from product development to complete design.

Choose Us You Can Get

  • Quickly respons time within 24 hours get the quotation
  • Competitive pricing and short delivery times
  • Guarantee quality with our ISO 9001:2015 standards certification
  • Order management system we offer, check your project progress easily.

If you have any questions about tool design assistance, your specific project, or other services like to work with us, please contact us.

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